Kolodom Kolodom Undeground
Kolodom Kolodom Undeground
Kolodom Kolodom Undeground
Kolodom Kolodom Undeground

Kolodom Undeground

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Kolodom Underground

We sell a turnkey cellar that can be installed on a slope or in an ornamental mound. Do you lack space in a family, recreational or mobile home? This cellar will eliminate this problem for you. It is easily accessible thanks to a comfortable staircase, solid and spacious.

Turnkey cellar


  • for storing preserves, food and drink
  • for storing seasonal clothes
  • for storing tools
  • to store unnecessary things
  • and other uses


  • Super fast installation in 1 day. Without concrete!
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully finished cellar - with shelves, stairs and thermally insulated doors
  • 19-year warranty on the polymer structure
  • Modern certified production


Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight, the transport is quick and cheap. The transport of the cellar does not require a special permit,

the structure is intended for standard transport behind a car. The dimensions enable cheap truck transport throughout Europe.

Kolodom Underground also ships worldwide via container transport.


A big advantage of Kolodom Underground is really quick and easy installation. The cellar is completely prefabricated, so it's easy

you build in the excavation pit on an even layer of gravel. Surround it with gravel and cover with soil to create a decorative mound.

No concrete needed!

PRICE: €7,500 with VAT

If you are interested, contact us by email at info@kolodom.sk or phone on 0904133949.