Kolodom - mobile home
for everyone

Do you like our mobile homes and are thinking about buying them, but don't have enough funds? We have a proposal for you.

Reserve your Kolodom today and live in your dream mobile home soon.

We are aware that due to high inflation, real estate prices have risen significantly. Therefore, the Kolodom mobile homes will be an advantageous choice for you and an affordable solution for your future.

If you lack sufficient funds to pay the total amount for Kolodom, we have a great solution for you. You can pay for a mobile home with us in 4 installments.

1. You first pay 30% when signing the contract

2. You will pay another 30% during the implementation of the rough construction of the mobile home

3. Then 30% during the finishing works of the Kolodom

4. You will pay the remaining 10%, when the Kolodom set is complete before the house is transported to the plot.

If you need to finance a mobile home, we offer you an alternative through the non-purpose loan, namely a loan without establishing a property with a favorable interest rate.

This consumer loan is for mobile homes and you can get up to €40,000 for your Kolodom.


- Speed
- No change in interest rate

If you are interested in the first or second option, contact us and we will provide you with more information on the financing of Kolodom.

Book your Kolodom today and live in your mobile home for six months. :)

We will prepare tailor-made financing for you that will not burden your wallet

Take advantage of our offer - Kolodom for installments

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