Liptov - a country known not only for its cheeses, but also for its Kolodo mobile homes

We are a team of young people who do their work precisely, in detail and with love.

We are two civil engineers who had a bold vision to design extraordinary housing. We designed mobile homes and modular homes under the Kolodom brand, which was created based on experience with a number of clients with whom we have been meeting for several years while creating projects. We have been on the market for 4 years and every year we progress, innovate and improve in order to produce the highest quality and modern design mobile homes for you. Our goal is to expand abroad, and we are succeeding in that. :)

For us, the production of these mobile homes and prefabricated houses is a wonderful game with space, during which we try to meet even the most demanding requirements of clients. It is a unique and, above all, affordable housing for all those who are tired of living in a "one-room apartment", but still live their dream of owning their own house. It is up to you where you will build your mobile home - in the city or on the contrary in nature or somewhere near a lake.

Of course, together with Kolodom, we also think about the future of our clients, which is why our mobile homes are modular buildings that you can easily connect over time and thus have a house of even larger dimensions. Find yours and live in mobile homes all year round today.

We offer several models of Kolodomes, while each of them will interest you in something different. It is enough to choose the version of the mobile home. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact details below or via the contact form.

Samuel Župa

Ing. Samuel Župa

Sales & Executive Director
Tomáš Mrva

Ing. Tomáš Mrva

Production Director
Marek Ondrejka

Marek Ondrejka

Client Advisor
Laura Župová

Ing. Laura Župová

Marketing Manager
Miroslava Župová

Mgr. Miroslava Župová