Kolodom Kolodom FREEDOM
Kolodom Kolodom FREEDOM
Kolodom Kolodom FREEDOM
Kolodom Kolodom FREEDOM

Mobile home Kolodom FREEDOM for sale

Would you like to live in a mobile home as soon as possible? We have KOLODOM in stock for you, which you can buy immediately.
We are selling a mobile home Kolodom FREEDOM with a floor area of 24.2 m2. The area of the house is 10 x 3 m. The layout of the house consists of a children's room, a bathroom and a bedroom with a kitchen, or as a second option there can be a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen with a living room.

Kolodo is selling a set furnished with furniture and appliances. The mobile home is made of high-quality ecological materials, insulated and intended for year-round living or other use.

If interested, it is possible to make a terrace for the house.

Usable area 24,2 m2

Number of rooms 2

Model Series Mobilný dom

Kolodom width 10 m

The length of the Kolodome 3 m

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The mobile home includes:

1. Massive steel chassis

2. Insulation - stone mineral wool (thickness 100 mm - walls)

3. Insulation - mineral wool (thickness 150 mm - floor, roof)

4. Floor - vinyl floor, click system

5. Walls - MDF board, white matt

6. Ceiling - Tatra profile

7. Heating - floor electric heating with thermostats - SMART

8. Plastic windows - triple glass, color combination white + anthracite

9. Roof - metal covering

10. Facade - combination of thermal wood + trapezoidal sheet

11. Kitchen line with custom-made appliances

12. Bathroom - shower, toilet, sink, washing machine, furniture

EXTRA equipment:

13. Fireplace

14. Air conditioning

15. Flow water heater

16. Local recovery

Mobile home price:

KOLODOM FREEDOM for €49,500 including VAT

*The price does not include installation and transport.

In case of any questions or interest, please contact us via e-mail info@kolodom.sk or by phone +421 904 133 949.

Live all year round in the Slovak mobile home KOLODOM!

Floor plans and views Kolodom FREEDOM